A Day In The Life Of…A Social Media Manager

So I haven’t written a blog post for a while, but I have made it my mission to blog a lot more. Some of you may know, I am a Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer for a web design company. Photo-May-13-4-25-01-PM.jpg

A typical day for me can vary so much, depending on the client or the type of social media marketing I do. One day I could be filming and editing a video for a client. The next, I could be spending the day looking for purely online content for a clients social media.

So here is a little insight into a day in the life of me…

8am: I arrive at the office. Make myself a brew. Check over my emails. My emails will give me a rough idea of what I have to do for the day.

8:30am: I write a list of everything I want to do for the day. On a Monday, I will sit down and write a list of my week’s goals for work that week. Anyone who knows me, will know how much I enjoy writing lists. I love being super organised.

9am-10am: I will check all the social media networks as well as Hootsuite (A social media marketing tool) to reply to tweets, retweets, messages etc. As well as this, I will check out insights and how certain content has done in terms of audience response and interaction. I will note down anything that I think will need looking into, log it and spend time interacting with clients to see what can be done to make their social media even better. I will also check out the trends for the day, whether it’s a top hashtag or ‘day of the year’. This usually gives me something to focus on for the day.

10am-1pm: Spend the morning looking for content, whether it’s on local news sites, to more niche websites that will target specific clients. I may write a blog post for a client. Make some images on Photoshop. Whatever content that I need, I spend this time looking for it. I also look at social media news, to keep up to date with whatever social media trends are currently going on. As a Social Media Manager, it’s extremely important to be aware of the latest social media trends and upcoming trends to make sure you can provide the client with the very best content. 2017 is the year of video marketing in social media. Audiences appear to be more into watching videos, so I have been spending time recently looking at ways we can include video marketing for our clients, whether it be interviewing people or simply short videos on Instagram and Snapchat.

12-1pm: I will go for my lunch. I usually eat my lunch in the office, but if I feel like going out there’s always great places where I work, including The Baltic Social, The Baltic Bakehouse and Café Fandisha.

1pm-2pm: I will spend this time replying to any more messages, emails, tweets, retweets etc. It’s very important to stay as efficient as possible in this job to maintain good customer service.

2pm-4pm: For the last leg of my day, I will research potential clients for our business. I will direct message them, potentially call them or tweet them. If we think we can help them in some way, whether it’s building a website or social media management, we will do everything we can to do so.

4pm: Home time!

So yeah…that’s pretty much what I do on a day-to-day basis. As I said, it does vary!

What does your day-to-day job look like?

Leave your comments below!

TattooedDaisy x


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