10 Things That Make Me Happy…

I’ve seen a few of these blog posts and personally I love them. So here’s my ’10 Things That Make Me Happy’ post…

Want to collab or contact me?

Hey everyone! So I will be blogging a lot more, so if you’re looking to collab or wish to contact me, then drop me an email at tattooeddaisy93@outlook.com I look forward to hearing from you guys! Much love! TattooedDaisy x

Short Hair…Don’t Care

For some people, getting they hair cut is a scary prospect. At the age of 18, I decided to go for a completely new look and it’s safe to say I have never looked back. I have changed my hair style so many times. I’ve had a bowl cut. I’ve had long hair. Purple hair….

Beauty & The Beast Wish List

A few weeks ago, I went to go see the new Beauty and the Beast film, and I don’t know about you but it completely blew me away. I was very sceptical about it, since I thought it wouldn’t be able to top the original cartoon version but I was honestly cannot say a bad…

A Day In The Life Of…A Social Media Manager

So I haven’t written a blog post for a while, but I have made it my mission to blog a lot more. Some of you may know, I am a Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer for a web design company.