The Ultimate Girls Night In Guide

Summer may be on the way, but that doesn’t mean the nights are warm yet! Personally, I love nothing better than having a girls night in. It’s super cheap, as well as being bags of fun.

I make it my goal to have a girls night at least twice a month now and it’s safe to say I go all out. I love hosting girls nights in my house. I may be 23 but I do love having a girly sleepover, involving face masks, junk food, films.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.08.46

Now, if like me you like to think outside the box or like to be a little different, you can try some of my suggestions from my list below. These are all tried and tested by the way, and were super successful. So here is a little checklist of things to include or/and things to do for the absolute ultimate girls night in!

  • Face masks! Or you could try making your own!
  • Baking. Recently, my friends and I have been baking the old cupcake kits we used as kids. We make barbie cupcakes or disney cupcakes. Brings back major memories.
  • Films. Personally, we choose a bit of reality tv instead of films. Means people can talk and not get too bothered about missing the important bits of the film.
  • Board games. Yes, me and my friends love board game nights! We play Cards Against Humanity, card games, monopoly. You can switch up your old games by introducing truth or dares. For example. I wrote dares on my Jenga game and it worked a treat.
  • Look through old photos from when you were in school.
  • Try making cocktails or mocktails – This can get messy, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

After a girly sleep over, I always make everyone breakfast. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Ready made pancakes, with Nutella and cream is usually a favourite. Or scrambled eggs on bagels, is usually well received!

Do you have any ideas for a perfect night in?

Comment below!

TattooedDaisy x



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