Cosy Evening Checklist

Yay! It’s Autumn! My favourite time of the year! And one of the reason’s being is everything just seems a little better when it’s colder outside.


Cups of tea taste better. Hot baths are the best and bringing out your cosy jumpers and thick socks is just amazing. Now when it comes to chilling out, I am absolute lover of cosy evenings in. And I like to go all out! There is nothing better than being cosy inside, when it’s freezing outside! It’s safe to say I’m becoming quite the pro when it comes to nailing the cosy night in. But if you’re struggling for ideas or how to make yours even better, here’s a little checklist!

Pyjamas! Grab your favourite pair, or even go and buy a new pair. I recently did a major Primark haul to get in a new dressing gown, slippers, bed socks…the works!

Bath: I LOVE baths! It’s my favourite way to unwind. Go to Lush and pick up a bath bomb, or a bath oil. Or a recent favourite of mine is the Radox Therapy Muscle Soak Bath Salts! These are so good. I like to put candles around the bath. Put some relaxing music on in the background and I usually grab my book. I’m currently reading Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. Get a face mask. Maybe a hair mask as well!

Candles: I know I said this for the bath, but dot them around your room to make a super chilled and cosy space.


Films: Grab a couple of films that you haven’t seen in a while and cosy up with your duvet

Magazine: I love this. Every time the new Cosmopolitan or Glamour magazine comes out, I always save it for a night in, for when I have time to read it.

Meditate: With my anxiety unfortunately getting increasingly worse recently, I’ve been doing mediation to calm me down before bed. And trust me…it helps! Go on Youtube and look at Meditation videos. Download a meditation app. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve took on this year.

Tea: I drink chamomile or lavender based teas before bed. I think the process of making tea is a very chilling thing to do in itself…the process of brewing it, waiting for it to cool down enough for you to drink it. It completely chills me out.

Pets: This may sound a little unusual, but having my cat with me whilst reading my book or watching my film, seems to make my evening that little bit cosier.


Do you have any ideas for the perfect cosy night? Comment below!

TattooedDaisy x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amina says:

    Ahhh this sounds like the perfect cosy night! But instead od pets I have my kids around me! This would definitely relax me. Great post. Thanks xx

    Amina xx |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. natlittleego says:

      That’s so lovely! Thanks so much! 🙂 xx


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