My Life Recently


So much has happened recently! Moved into our amazing new office in The Baltic Triangle, which definitely feels like we’ve returned home. I’ve visited lots of new places. I also feel like my anxiety is finally getting a bit better. Everything is feeling very upbeat at the moment. Plus the lovely weather here in Liverpool is definitely helping!

Here’s some other things that’s been happening recently…

tumblr_mdnbv9rgoS1rjrbqko1_500Eating / I’ve definitely been eating out more recently. Now I’m working back in the Baltic Triangle, we’ve been trying out the beer gardens here. The Constellations is definitely worth a visit! It’s by far the best beer garden I’ve ever been to. It has a BBQ, ping pong table and just a really chilled out vibe. Perfect place for Friday drinks after work!

Exploring / The new beer gardens in Liverpool. Here’s a few recommendations: Free State Kitchen, The Derby Lodge, Constellations, The Gin Garden & The Constellations

Wearing / Recently bought a denim jacket. Safe to say I haven’t had this off. Goes with everything. Also loving wearing stripey and slogan t-shirt and baggy boyfriend jeans.

Admiring / My 2 best friends. They have finally finished university and I couldn’t be more proud.

Collecting / Sunglasses. Slight obsession at the moment. Also notebooks are my other little hoard at the moment.

Feeling / Optimistic about my career with the recent move. Happy that my friends are home. Summery…dunno if that’s a word but there’s nothing better than spending the weekends in the beer gardens and seeing my friends.

Missing / As much as I love summer, I do miss my winter clothes. I’m a baggy knitted jumper and jeans kinda girl, but it’s too hot to wear them now!

Smelling / BBQ’s. Hoping for a lot more of them as well. Also people are cutting their grass. Love that smell!

Looking / Forward to payday so I can get more summer clothes. Looking forward to seeing my friends, who I haven’t seen in ages! Finally looking forward to new and exciting projects!

Here’s some image love:


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