Tattoo Talk! Ask me!

As you can tell by my blog’s name, I am tattooed and I love it. I have 9 tattoos so far and counting! I definitely plan for a lot more, but since my work load has gone up, I’ve not had as much time to get inked. My tattoos tell my story. That’s why I love them. They’re a permanent piece of art.

Where do you get tattooed?

I’ve been tattooed in 4 different shops. My favourite shop is Helter Skelter Tattoo Studio. This place is amazing! Would totally recommend this place. I’ve also been to Skin Kandi in St Helens. Also another place for great traditional style art is Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio Lark Lane. The other tattoo studio was a little shop in Wales.

I recommend that you research where you get tattooed first. I looked into where to get tattooed best. The tattoo shop in Wales was a place I wouldn’t return to.

What was your first tattoo and how old were you?

My first tattoo was an owl on my left shoulder. I got this when I just turned 18 at Skin Kandi by at tattoo artist called Nick Devine! I wouldn’t go to anyone else now. He was super reassuring with it being my first tattoo and his work is insane!

The owl I got was in memory of my nan. Also it symbolises independence and wisdom. This is still one of my favourite tattoos I have.

I recommend that you don’t rush into getting your first tattoo unless you’re 100% sure on what you want. It took me ages to finally find an owl design I loved.

Done by Nick Devine (Helter Skelter)

How did you heal it?

 I used Bepanthan or Sudacrem and kept my tattoos out of water for a while. Your tattoo artist will tell you how to best look after it. If it starts peeling, don’t panic! It’s completely normal. But don’t pick at it!

In terms of looking after my tattoos, I always wear sun cream so they don’t fade, as well as keeping out of direct sunlight. I try and avoid fake tan and makeup on the areas.

Were your tattoo’s painful?

 Let’s face it. Tattoos hurt. Some more than others. For needle haters, trust me it’s not as bad as people say it is. I was so scared but just think of it as a sharp pen. My stomach tattoo and my wrist tattoos were by far the most painful. I have a big piece on my thigh which was fine and surprisingly the inside of my arm was not painful at all. My back was the least painful…if anything relaxing.

So what do your tattoos mean?

Lion’s Head (Thigh): Courage. I’ve battled through a lot of shit. Anorexia. Depression. Loss. This shows that I’m a fighter. Lion’s are also loyal creatures and are strong as a team

Done at Helter Skelter Tattoo Studio

Tree in Frame (Top of Arm): The tree in the frame has no leave on it. Every time something significant happens in my life, I will tattoo a leaf on the tree, symbolising my growth.


Done at Helter Skelter Skelter Tattoo Studio

‘&’ Symbol on my ankle: My twin has the same tattoo. Mine is on my left ankle because he is left handed. It shows that twins come in pairs, as well as it spelling out our name : A (Andrew) N (Natalie) D (Our last name)

Feather (Stomach): Freedom

Shamrock (Wrist) : I have Irish Heritage

Treble Clef (Wrist): Music lover

‘Like Mother Like Daughter’ (Arm): It’s written in French to make it a little more ladylike just like my mum. We may not be the most similar people, but we share a lot of the same values so I wanted a tattoo for her.

Done at Fallen Angels Tattoo Studio Lark Lane

Black Heart (Neck): 
I sometimes consider myself to be the black sheep of the family. Plus it’s dainty and pretty, so happy with that one.


What do you want next?

Roses are my next aim. I love roses. My favourite flower and they play a huge part in my family. I also would love to get an arrow tattoo to symbolise friendship and moving forward.


I’d also love some sort of Buddhism related tattoo. Maybe a lotus flower to symbolise getting through difficult situations. Lotus flowers grow in mud. I love this.

White-Lotus-Flower-Tattoo-on-backA semi colon with cat ears on the dot. The semi colon will symbolise my mental health and the cat ears are for my cat and how he’s helped with my anxiety and depression

Finally I’d like to get the song lyric ‘Hey Soul Sister’ for my twin brother. It’s our favourite song and our nicknames for each other.

Do you have any advice?

Choose your designs wisely. I do regret one of my tattoos and wish I hadn’t have rushed into it for the sake of getting another tattoo.

Do your research! Look at the artwork and find a style you like and an artist you think is ideal.

Listen to the artist. You’re entitle to your opinion and choice of art, but they are the professionals and will know what is suitable and what isn’t.


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  1. This was a lovely read, I love how personal it is and how you know exactly what each tattoo means to you! What a lovely insight x


    1. natlittleego says:

      Thank you very much! I would never get a tattoo unless it meant something! Do you have any yourself? x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just one on my ribs which says fearless x


      2. natlittleego says:

        That’s awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

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