Happy National Pet Day!

It’s National Pet Day! I’ve been super lucky to have grown up with one purrfect little (more like chunky!) chap who I’ve had for nearly 12 years now!

This is Harvey! Other names including…Chubster, Pest (Though we obviously don’t mean it!) and Harveycoos.


We rescued Harvey from a cats shelter when he was just 8 months old. We’d seen him a few days before and decided he was the cat for us. My mum then drove me and my brothers at like 6am…(2 hours before the cats shelter opened) to go and make sure we would definitely get him.

Since the day we got him, he was definitely a member of our little family. Now, some people either love or hate cats, but if you met Harvey, you would no doubt fall in love with him. He is the most gentle, affectionate, weird cat ever. He won’t eat his food unless his bowl is full. We tried him on Quorn Chicken and could clearly tell the difference.

He has also been a huge help with my mental health. If I’ve had a really bad day or on really bad days of having an anxiety attack, he knows. I find it kinda unbelievable that he’s so aware of when I’m unhappy. He will simply come and sit next to me, nudge his head against my arm and just purr. Just having him there, makes everything seem a little better and less scary.

He sleeps on the end of my bed every night. Even staying there, when my friends are over or when I’m playing loud music. He doesn’t care. He just wants to be around people.

He is without a doubt the most lovable pet and is a huge part of my life! So here’s to celebrating our pets today on National Pet Day! 307505_159771297439365_6962485_n1002534_714433558639800_8235409170555918267_n11755156_839592422790579_3395544723668196426_n


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