My Life Recently

A lot of amazing things have happened recently! Finding out just yesterday that I will be moving back to my favourite part of the city to work, which is The Baltic Triangle, to a new office! Very excited! I also went to see Chicago last week with my best friend, which was AMAZING!

Here’s some other things that’s been happening recently…

Eating / Me and Gary try and get out as much as possible now! We’ve been trying a few new  places. The new Clubhouse in Liverpool is my favourite place I’ve been to recently. It’s definitely a restaurant worth trying, especially with summer coming up and it having a great outdoor seating area.

Exploring / Current social media trends. As you know, with my job I need to be constantly checking up on new digital marketing trends, so that’s been my main focus at work recently

Wearing / Dungarees are my new favourite thing to wear! So comfortable and super on trend! Love them. And they’re great for work!

Admiring / My 2 best friends. They’re graduating in just a few months. Very proud of them indeed!

Collecting / Nail Varnishes! I’ve found Primark to be great when it comes to nail varnishes, with some of them being as little as 60p each!

Feeling / Excited for our move into the new office. Cannot wait to be back in my favourite part of the city. Also excited for my best friends to be home permanently from university in a few weeks!

Still very anxious, but trying my best to not let it rule my life

Missing / Spending more time with my friends. Obviously university is super important, so I am cool with that, but definitely missing seeing them!

Smelling / Lush. Me and my best friend Daniel are OBSESSED with Lush! Every week I will treat myself to something from Lush.

Looking / Forward to seeing what the future has to offer!

Here’s some picture love:


Let me know what you’ve been up to recently! Comment below!

Tattooed Daisy x


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