Short Hairstyle Inspiration

Get my hair cut short was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It sounds ridiculous but it gave me a new found confidence and a new outlook that I needed. Now I would never look back at growing my hair long again. If you want something low maintenance and an edgier look…

Tattoo Talk! Ask me!

As you can tell by my blog’s name, I am tattooed and I love it. I have 9¬†tattoos so far and counting! I definitely plan for a lot more, but since my work load has gone up, I’ve not had as much time to get inked. My tattoos tell my story. That’s why I love…

Happy National Pet Day!

It’s National Pet Day! I’ve been super lucky to have grown up with one purrfect little (more like chunky!) chap who I’ve had for nearly 12 years now!

My Life Recently

A lot of amazing things have happened recently! Finding out just yesterday that I will be moving back to my favourite part of the city to work, which is The Baltic Triangle, to a new office! Very excited! I also went to see Chicago last week with my best friend, which was AMAZING!