The Art That Is Lipstick

For those of you who know me, like most girls, lipstick is a makeup and beauty ESSENTIAL. When it comes to lipstick, money is pretty much no object. My favourite lipstick is my trusty Chanel Rouge Allure which is a bit pricey at £26 but worth every penny…

Now, when I was browsing the web this morning as I do, looking at different articles, I came across insane lip art, so thought I would share the love and show you some of the amazing lip creations that I found. I’m aware that you probably wouldn’t go out with these designs, though in my opinion, the world would be a very beautiful and interesting place if we did start going out with designs like these….

Words cannot explain! I particularly love the black outlined red ones (reminds me slightly of Rocky Horror) and the rose lips.

Tell me what you think! Would you ever go out with these?

Comment below!

TattooedDaisy x


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