Classic Inspired Questions…

Here’s a few little questions I found…and I’ve rather enjoyed answering them! Enjoy!


What is one quality of your personality which you think makes you complex?

I have pretty serious anxiety which stops me from doing a lot of things, even if I seriously try and push myself to overcome them.

What do you think people’s first impression of you is?

I would hope it would be either strong or driven.

What would your dream job be if money or location weren’t an issue?

Writing and having my own design company or cafe.

What is your happiest memory in the past year?

Either my best friend coming home from university or Valentines Day was pretty special 

If you could tell anyone you no longer talk to something, what would it be?

Things have clearly happened for a reason. But it’s okay.

When was the last time you fought with someone you care about?

Last night with my mum. We always argue. We’re like teenagers, but within half an hour, we hug it out and we’re like best friends again.

What is one craft/trade you would like to learn?


If you could tell your fifteen year old self anything, what would it be?

Don’t do things, just because everyone else is doing them. Don’t get drawn into the a bad crowd and don’t care what other people think about you.
Which five celebrities would you invite to a diner party?

Some people may laugh at my choices but… Alan Carr, Beyonce, Jonah Hill, Lee Evans and Ferne Cotton.
What does your dream home look like?

Cottage. Exposed beams and bricks. Big couches. Thick rugs. Lots of land. Annexe so my mum could live with us. You get the idea. Somewhere quiet and cosy.
Which member of your family are you closest to?

My twin. He knows me better than I probably know myself.
Where have you felt most at home in your life?

This is going to sound mega corny, but frankly I don’t care. When I’m with my boyfriend, I feel at home. In his house, with his family. It’s a place where I feel a proper sense of togetherness and love. 
What’s your biggest weakness?

You think I would say my anxiety. But anxiety is definitely not a weakness. 

Who do you admire?

My mum. Truly inspirational. Selfless and a major influence in my life. Everything she does, it to make other people’s lives better.

What is your favourite nickname?

The nickname I had as a child was poppet. That’s always stuck with me

What is something you find really annoying?

Poor punctuality and poor personal hygiene 

What was your favourite class in high school?

Drama was always pretty fun 

What is the grossest habit you have?

I put ketchup on pretty much everything. I’ve also been told I eat takeaway REALLY loudly when I’m drunk.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Not giving up. I’ve been through a lot. I’d like people to see that with hard work and determination, that anything is possible.

Who is the prettiest individual you’ve ever encountered?

My mum and my best friend

Did you ever have a crush on an animated character?

I think everyone is lying if they say they haven’t…

Do you resemble anyone in your family strongly?

My mum…but more in a sense that the women in our family are hard workers, which I like to think I am. We have all done pretty well with ourselves, despite having troubles along the way.

Ever been in love?

It’s safe to say I am. With the first and only guy I’ve ever loved. 

Why not copy & paste this into your blog and tell me?

Tattooed Daisy x


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