Things To Do On A Sunday

Sunday is probably one of my favourite days. Friday is obviously no.1! Every Sunday I try and make sure it’s my absolute chill day. I’ll spend Saturday running usual ‘Adult Errands’…

Sunday’s are for me. So I’ve put together a little list of things to do on a lazy Sunday…

Youtube Day…I do this a lot. I am OBSESSED with Youtubers. In particular, Zoella and Alfie Deyes. I will spend time catching up on all the vlogs and new videos I’ve missed in the week.

Bath. I’ll usually buy myself a Lush bath bomb. Get a cheeky hot chocolate, some candles and a magazine and literally not leave the bath for a good hour or two

Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest. Get some ideas for a new project or recipe. Find outfit ideas.

Write. Get a journal and start writing or simply write your plans/goals for the next month.

TV day. Friends is usually the programme of choice for me. Grab your duvet and curl up on the couch.

Bake. I love baking now. I used to be so rubbish at it and now it’s something that I love…still rubbish at, but love.

Play an instrument. I’ve been learning how to play guitar for a while now and once you get into it and know the basics, it’s honestly one of the most relaxing and greatest things ever.

Dig out your old CD’s & DVD’s. I recently found some old S Club CDs which were amazing!



Do you have any good ideas for what to do on a Sunday? Comment below!

TattooedDaisy x


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