The Best Places To Shop In Liverpool

As all of you know, I love a good bargain. I’m also not a big fan of big chain stores. I’d much rather buy something unique and one of a kind….even know I do have a soft spot for Primark and other high street stores.

I’m always looking out for new independent shops in Liverpool…the kinds of places with local talent or vintage goodies.

So…here’s a little list of shops that I absolutely LOVE in Liverpool…

Cow & Co

I love this shop! It’s perfect for little gifts and jewellery! Everything has that clean, simple look to it that I love.  White and copper lovers…eat your heart out!


Oxfam, Bold Street

A lot of people tend to stray away from charity shops, but this is the quite literally the place where the majority of my vintage knitted jumpers have come from! I once found a pair of lilac Versace jeans from her for £10! And with a big Liverpool student population, there’s bound to be something to suit your style!


Pop Boutique

Has to be one of my favourite shops…ever! Once again, if you like a good ol’ knitted jumper, go here! It’s really reasonably priced as well, with my last purchase being a really thick, gorgeous cream knitted jumper for just £18. Plus they also sell amazing coats, branded shoes like Dr Martens and Converse, all at an insanely good price!



A fab little shop! There’s 2 on Bold Street and one in Liverpool One! I love the cards from here and the book section is unreal! Also the furniture is pretty amazing. There’s something for every budget in here, whether your looking for a gift for someone or fancy treating yourself. Every time you go in there, there’s something different. Me and my best friend particularly love the Cocktail section and the candle selection Utility has!



Finally, this little beauty! It’s situated on Lark Lane in Sefton Park, with it’s only vintage furniture shop just around the corner! Could not recommend this shop more if I tried. Hand’s down my favourite shop. It sells beautiful vintage clothes and nick nacks, plus lots of Liverpool related crafts, from local artists. The stuff is amazing quality and really well priced. I’ll often go for a coffee at one the coffee  shops on Lark Lane, then walk up to this hidden gem for a nosey. Love it! Go!


So there you have it! A little taster in to my favourite places to spend my dosh! Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments … so I can go too!


TattooedDaisy x



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