My Life Recently…

Literally so much has been going on recently, but I’m happy that I’ve been blogging more! Always good!

So here’s some other things that’s been happening recently…

Eating / I’ve been eating out quite a lot recently, which has been lovely. Me and the boyfriend are trying to get out more. Recently we went to Death Row Diner in Liverpool for his birthday! It was so good! Very cool restaurant indeed! Check it out!

Exploring / New styles and trends. I love experimenting and exploring new looks with my clothes.

Wearing / As always I’m jumper mad. Today I’m wearing a white knitted pollerneck jumper with black skinny jeans and maroon loafers from New Look which I love! I wear them pretty much ever day. Since it’s cold in the office, I’m wearing my new Forever 21 coat.

Admiring / The weather. Some people hate the cold, but I think that it makes the little things like cups of tea and hot baths so much better when it’s chilly outside.

Collecting / Pens seem to be the latest thing. Recently became obsessed with using gel pens for everything!

Feeling / Excited for getting my new tattoo next week. Happy that me and the boyfriend are in the best place we have ever been. Looking forward to payday! Also mega excited that my best friend is home from university on Sunday.

Unfortunately I have been feeling more anxious for some reason recently. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that so much is happening or other things going on.

Missing / My best girl mate! But she’s home on Sunday till the end of Easter so I’m super excited to see her.

Smelling / Coffee…a lot of it. I’ve been drink so much coffee recently. Also found out Starbucks in making a ButterBear Late so safe to say all my money will be going on them…

Looking / Forward to getting my new tattoo. Also looking a bit tired I guess!

Here’s some picture love:

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