Simple Steps to Happiness

Hey Everyone! Thought I’d do a little blog post that I have seen on other blogs and personally I love reading them, so I thought I’d do my own. Since I suffer from pretty terrible anxiety, I’m always looking for little ways to make my day a little easier. So whether you’re an anxiety sufferer like me or just generally want to find some new little ways to make life a little brighter then carry on reading….

Take a break from social media….I shouldn’t say this since I am a Social Media Executive, but getting away from Facebook and Twitter for a couple of hours or a day can do you the world of good!

Do Some DIY or Baking! Baking is definitely something I’ve recently fallin in love with and you can find some super easy tutorials on Buzzfeed or Pinterest.

Clean your Desk or workspace! I find that clearing my desk/work area or cleaning my files on my computer gives me a lot of peace of mind. 

Decorate! Even if it’s something simple. I found these old vintage frames, printed of a quote I liked and stuck them up on my wall 🙂 It was super easy and effective to do!12744556_943139215769232_594858459382202660_n

Start Saving! Whether it’s putting your coppers in your piggy bank or opening a savings account, start saving for something you have wanted for ages!

Go for a walk! I’ve found walking to be one of the best ways to clear my head. Stick your headphones in, go to a park or somewhere you haven’t been before maybe…

Clear out your wardrobe! Get rid of things that you never wear anymore. Be ruthless. I either give my unwanted stuff to charity shops or my friends 🙂 Go on pinterest to see if you can any outfit ideas. I’ve found so many outfit inspiration ideas with things to do with clothes that I haven’t worn in ages and now I’m finding new ways to wear them!

Pamper Time! Grab a magazine, candles, glass of wine or your favourite desert and chill in the bath with a facemask, hairmask, anything…just as long as you’re chilling out! Paint your nails, when you get out. Chuck on a nice pair of PJ’s and watch a film 🙂


So I hope you enjoyed them little steps to happiness! Let me know in the comments if you have any tips yourself!

TattooedDaisy x


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