Happy 2016 Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s now the big 2K16!

I had an absolutely amazing year last year, from spending my first full year with my boyfriend, to landing my dream job, to generally being a better person than I used to be.

Now, normally, I’m not a fan of the ol’ saying ‘New Year…New Me’ but I always believe it’s great to start the New Year as a New Chapter and learn from the year before. I’ve learnt certain ways to help my anxiety…so I’ll continue to find more ways. I’ve also learnt how incredibly unfit I am! So obviously, I want to change that!

I’m not saying this year I am going to be or even want to be perfect, but it would be pretty cool to make some sort of achievements and feel like I’ve done some good.

So here’s a few of my New Year Resolutions…(Maybe you could take some inspiration from them and make some of your own!)

  • Eat Better. Tends to be on everyone’s list!
  • Seek help for my anxiety. Super important this one…my anxiety has gotten worse over the past several months, so going to do my best to find better ways of helping it.
  • Read a book. Something I’ve yet to do. SHOCK HORROR! I’ve never read a book cover to cover. Determined to actually read a whole book!
  • Blog more. Something I always put on the back burner!
  • Volunteer/Help people more.
  • Learn to cook…again something I’ve yet to conquer.  I cannot cook. My boyfriend has been the victim to my pretty awful attempts of cooking.


Do you guys have any?

Comment below!


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