Currently…Feeling Festive!

My lift has been so so hectic recently. Working pretty much all the time. Getting ready for Christmas. But it’s all good. Love the Christmas rush! Been feeling extremely festive.

Eating / Minced pies! Also Gregs have outdone themselves this year with a festive Turkey & Stuffing pasty! Also loving homemade Carrot & Swede mash! <–I know that’s a little random but I’m now well and truly hooked on it!

Buying / Lots of presents. I’ve tried to be super personal this year with presents, so a lot of my presents are homemade. Recently bought new bedding for my room from Wilkinson which was only £12. Also buying a Christmas jumper tonight from Pop Boutique in Liverpool, so very excited about that!

Exploring / My ability to actually make presents for a change. I’m creative…on a computer, blogging and with my job, but I’ve definitely found that I can also make things…it’s been super fun to make presents and spend the time putting in some extra effort this Christmas!

Wearing / Knitted jumpers…as usual! Looking forward to getting dressed up for the Work Christmas Do next week and getting my Christmas jumper out. Bought my cat a Christmas scarf the other day, so he’s always wearing that now!

Admiring / My mum again! She’s handing out free mince pies outside our local church next week and helping the homeless this weekend! Such an inspiration. Also how festive and amazing Liverpool is at Christmas. Also I’ve been watching Zoella’s Chrismas Vlogmas – Absolutely love her and her blog/vlog/everything else! Definitely worth watching!

Collecting / The last of my Christmas Shopping. Also Christmas cards, which is always lovely.

Feeling / Super festive…incase you couldn’t tell already! The run up to Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year. Looking forward to my twin coming home from university. Missed him so much!

Missing / My twin! He’s home from university next week!

Looking / Forward to Christmas, as well as what the new year has to bring. I know a lot of people say ‘New Year…New Me’ but I definitely am up for a completely fresh start in the New Year.

A few little photo/picture LOVES: 98d1be46cf42be8d995ea8a041dad4bfb157738cfe9396db3cc1fefaf119a97f-200x300bf5eea6c7929bf602e9e1bb236d91458ed933bf507aa1d0574c92a44d51dcb8fwatercolour greeting card 2tumblr_ny8yupZLQd1rn3yyfo1_40012310525_903168629766291_7138147298643278665_njord


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