My Life Recently…

A lot has been going on recently in my life. It’s all slightly overwhelming…in a good way though!

So here’s some other things that’s been happening recently…

Eating / I attempted to make the boyfriend Steak the other day…with little success. I cannot cook…Fact. But I want to learn in the new year. We recently went to a restaurant in Liverpool called Rookwood & Cue. Which was great! Totally recommend.

Exploring / The Christmas events happening in Liverpool. All very exciting. Christmas markets coming up…vintage fairs. May head to the Liverpool Cathedral for a Sunday Roast?

Wearing / As always I’m in my baggy knitted jumpers, leggings and ankle boots. Cosy. But still ideal for work.

Admiring / My mum is doing her annual ‘Shoebox Charity Event’ in our local church this weekend. Makes me so proud. Every year, she organises this event where at least 200 children who don’t have Christmas presents, get a present. She spends the whole year collecting things for it (toothbrushes, soaps, notebooks), using her own money, just to make sure these children have a Christmas present. Huge inspiration!

Collecting / I seem to be collecting mugs and notebooks like they’re going out of fashion. Since getting a permanent position at the media company I work for, I have a desk full of notebooks. But I like it that way.

Feeling / Excited for Christmas. Inspired by my managers and my mum. Happy that me and the boyfriend are happier than we’ve ever been.

Missing / writing. I just don’t have any time to write at the moment. I want to finish my book next year but my work has taken so much time. Also shopping…waiting for payday!

Smelling / Chanel. My boyfriend got me Chanel perfume for our anniversary. Nearly used half the bottle already. In love with it.

Looking / Forward to the future and what next year has to bring. So much going on in the next year…but you have to wait to hear about that!

Some loves this week:

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