Cheap Ways To Chill Out

Recently, I have literally been so so busy at work, which I love! I’m definitely not someone who likes to spend their day doing nothing.

Even on the weekends or my days off I like to be doing something productive, whether it’s design work, decorating or planning. I get much more out of knowing I’ve done something with my weekend, rather than knowing I didn’t get certain things done. My mum has told me on numerous occasions that I need to ‘Chill Out’ but I think that ways in which people ‘Chill Out’ is definitely personal to who you are.

I guess what I consider to be ‘Chilling out’ is in my comfy ‘I don’t give a fuck’ clothes and doing a little bit of work at home, but with no deadlines.

For people know me as well, they will know I’m a massive bargain hunter. I like to spend as little as possible, but get as much as I can for my money.

So I’ve put together a little list of Cheap Ways You Chill Out…These are things that I do 🙂

Have a long bath. Get the candles out. Get a hot drink. With it getting colder, I like to drink Hot Apple Cider.

Got to the park. I regularly visit Sefton Park in Liverpool now, mainly because it’s on my way home from work, and it is by far one of the nicest places in Liverpool, especially in the Autumn.

Netflix day. This is becoming a bit of a regular for me. I know I said I didn’t like to sit around and do nothing, but I do love watching old childhood films (and new ones obviously!) 

Go Pinterest mad. I literally live on Pinterest. I absolutely love it. Find inspiration for a new project, blogging techniques, tattoo ideas…anything.

Plan your next holiday…I’ve got 3 potential holidays lined up for next year. Centre Parks, Amsterdam and Palma Nova. It’s nice just to spend time looking at deals and where you can go when your there.

Put your headphones in. Probably the main thing I do to chill out. Whether I’m sat downstairs curled up on the couch, sat in the garden, on the bus or just in bed. 

Play guitar. Learn a new song…

 or message someone you haven’t talked to in a while. 

Get your friends round and do online quizzes and play board games. Again, this seems to be another regular with me and my best friend, Dan. We do this probably like twice a week now. It doesn’t cost us anything and it is so much fun! We’re now looking at making our own Youtube channel so keep your eyes peeled.

So yeah, that’s a few cheap ways you can ‘chillax’! Leave your comments on ways you relax below!


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